Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Super Bowl III

babysrus (152.00) vs razoRAMON (111.00)
We told you to be careful didn't we? babysrus was the hottest team over the second half of the season and despite razoRAMON's best efforts, nothing could stop the avalanche that was Gene from crushing the competition. Maybe they were angry over last year's championship game loss versus Jimmy?

Gene entered the playoffs as only the fifth seed but proceeded to eliminate the Dirty Birds (#4), Old English (#1), and finally, razoRAMON (#2). That's nine wins and one tie to close out the season after starting off 0-6. How you like me now?!? What kind of pep talk did Coach Kim give to these guys their 76-89 loss to the Fobsters in WK6? After that point, babysrus went over the century mark every week and even averaged a stunning 130+ points per game.

In the Super Bowl, they busted out for 152 points behind the QB duo of wily Kurt Warner (30) and dynamic Donovan McNabb (26). RBs Brandon Jacobs and Fred Taylor combined for 43.50 points as Reggie Wayne (23) and Terrell Owens (12.50) contributed through the air. Despite a broken leg by Willie Parker, that's all she wrote for the Razors.

Ryan's team walked into the playoffs with a first round bye -- as always -- but couldn't help petering out near the end. Their price number one draft pick, Drew Brees, contributed only 12.5 points in an uneven season and despite the best work of Randy Moss (19.5) and the other Adrian Peterson (17.5), they couldn't keep up with the babies. Joseph Addai and Edgerrin James combined for only 18.5 points and even Ben Roethlisberger's 26 points wasn't enough to stave off defeat.

So it's safe to say that Gene and his team had the greatest comeback season -- even greatest season -- in Black Hole history as they came out of nowhere to become the lord and king of everywhere. Congratulations!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Finals: Frenemies

Here we go, the matchup the whole world has been waiting for. Gene and Ryan typically fight over the number of waiver moves during the season but this week, they'll be fighting for a fantasy football championship. Ryan is rolling and hasn't had his usual playoff collapse. His first round pick, Drew Brees, is finally stepping up (23 pts) and paired with Ben Roethlisberger, the Razors have excellent leadership in the backfield. With the Fobsters hardly putting up a challenge and going down 92.50 - 124.50, the path is clear for the Razors to take a championship. The problem is, their third best player right now might be Jason Witten, a tight end. Can the running game pick it up again? Joseph Addai, Clinton Portis, and Edgerrin James are all big names but they haven't been playing that great recently. Then again, who cares? Randy Moss won't be shut out two weeks in a row will he?

Gene's babyrus pounded the Razors WK 12 (127.00 - 98.50) and haven't lost in eight games -- never scoring below 124.00 points in those games. Can his team go 0-6 to start the season and then clean up on the way to a championship? Crazy right? But Kurt Warner and Donovan McNabb have been just above average, the WRs are Reggie Wayne, Terrell Owens, and Brandon Marshall (a revelation recently). Plus, the run game should be capable every week, as Brandon Jacobs, Marshawn Lynch, and Rudi Johnson are all steady double digit contributors. Hell, Mason Crosby, the kicker scoredd 19 points this week. Gene's team doesn't look as fancy on paper but they've been playing much better and have proven to be a huge threat as they dispatched Old English by a wide margin, 130.50 - 106.50.

Prediction? Perhaps a win for babyrus? Or do we throw our karmic prediction toward the Razors? Nah, I'd rather see a loser to hero outcome with Gene walking away undefeated since October.